Pre- and Post-Conference Activities

Pre-Conference Field Trip

The eastern Elba magmatic-hydrothermal system - The Rio Marina Museum and Mining Park

8 September, 2021

Post-Conference Field Trip

The famous "tourmaline-bearing veins" of the San Piero in Campo area and the tourmaline occurrences of central Elba and Capo Calamita

12-13 September, 2021


Gemology vs Mineralogy: problems, solutions and opportunities

12 September 2021 – Portoferraio, Elba Island

The international workshop "Gemology vs mineralogy: problems, solutions and opportunities", held in conjunction with TUR2021, is an international forum for the exchange of ideas and expertise on similarity and difference between gems and minerals. While exploring the similarities and differences between gemology and mineralogy, the workshop will display hints and solutions to improve both of these distinct, but strongly connected, fields of Earth Sciences, with the purpose to initiate also collaborative efforts to address a global consensus on the definition, classification and identification of these highly valuable earth materials.
The presentation of recent achievements and the discussion of common problems and their possible solutions by international experts will contribute to take the gem-mineral interplay forward.

People interested in making presentations at the workshop should contact Michele Macrì ( ). The attendance is free for Conference subscribers, and will cost 50 € for external participants, with a maximum number of participants fixed at 100 (on a first-come-first-serve basis). The possibility to recognize Professional Credits for geologists/gemmologists is under improvement